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What is the Symbol Exhibition?

The highlight of the "Hiroshima Confectionary Expo 2013" is the Symbol Exhibition of the World Heritage Site, "Itsukushima Shrine", made from the techniques of confectionary artworks! This Symbol Exhibition is set up inside "Themed Pavilion", and at 10 m wide and 9 m deep, it magnificently recreates the real site on a 1/15 scale. When completed, the "torii" (shrine arch) will be 1.1 m, and the main shrine building 70 cm high. Even among Exhibitions from past Confectionary Expositions, this one is one of the largest scale. Full-scale creation began February 9, 2012, and it is still currently being made.

Images of the completed Symbol Crafted Confectionary

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What are confectionary artworks?

Artistic confectionaries which use the ingredients of confectionaries to express a realistic or 3-D image are called "confectionary artworks". Wagashi mainly evoke the beauties of nature, while Western confectionaries are used in a variety of themes from people to buildings. The finished product is so beautiful that you might mistake it for the real thing! At the "Hiroshima Confectionary Expo 2013", we will display over 100 pieces created by wagashi artisans and patissiers from all over the nation, all in one place!